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If you have any problems with this form, or would prefer not to use our online application, please contact the Group Administrator via the Contacts page.

Most information will appear on your profile for other members to view, except the referee details, which are required only in occasional circumstances for verifying new members.

Membership is free for new applicants until the next renewal date, at which time membership subs are due at the current rate. Exemption is given for new members joining within 4 months of the renewal date.

Your membership is not confirmed until accepted by the Group Administrator. You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail on receipt of this form, and another e-mail once your membership is confirmed. This usually takes no longer than one working day, except during holiday periods. Please check your spam folder.

Please see the Join page of our website for further membership details.

STSG is governed by a Constitution, which contains our Data Processing Policy, and also forms the Terms and Conditions of membership.

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